Reporting & Analytics

Making sense of your data, for advice that makes sense.

One of the most compelling benefits of digital marketing, and the digital platform itself, is the vast amount information available on the performance of a campaign, and the total traceability and accountability it gives.

We make maximum use of this information by putting comprehensive research and analysis at the core of our work. We base our client campaigns on facts unearthed through detailed sifting, analysis and refinement of web site and advertising statistics.

It goes without saying that if you have a web site, you should have an analytics package running on it. However, are you really making the most of the information at your disposal? Do you find yourself drowning in meaningless numbers that tell you nothing about how your site is actually performing? Are you deluged with “so what?” information that doesn’t tell you what you can do to improve performance?

Mackerel Media has long experience of using web analytics systems to drive understanding and strategy. We can help you by digesting the information into manageable chunks that mean something to your business and provide practical (and feasible) direction on actions you can take.

The Virtuous Loop

By placing analysis at the heart of your internet strategy, you begin the process of establishing a Virtuous Loop. As more and more information on how your web site performs accumulates, so the accuracy of your information increases. You’ll develop a better understanding of how users find your site, how they navigate around it and the problems they have with it.

By feeding that information back into the improvement of your site, you build the loop. More improvements mean less problems, more traffic, more enquiries and more sales. Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Let’s Get Together

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