Scottish Friendly is one of the UK’s oldest mutual organisations, with over a million customers and over £800 million of assets under management. Starting life in 1862 as the City of Glasgow Friendly Society, the organisation has evolved over the last 150 years via mergers and acquisitions mergers to become the leading financial services group it is today.

We were appointed to take over the SEO campaign at a challenging point in the development of the new web site: the agency developing the site lacked any in-house resource and was taking direction from the incumbent SEO provider. We were instructed to take over the campaign just a few weeks prior to the launch of the new site and deal successfully with the many issues the transition from old site to new would present.

What We Did


We provided a wide range of SEO services, working extremely quickly from the start to ensure the site launch deadline would be met:

  • SEO Plan

    Our comprehensive work ensured the site was extremely well optimised prior to its launch.

  • Migration & Transition Plan

    We carried out a thorough backlink and prior URL audit, along with a current site audit, to allow us to develop a complete transition and redirection plan, ensuring the site’s health and quality was maintained before, during and after the changeover.

  • Google Analytics Implementation

    Our team planned and configured a sophisticated Google Analytics implementation that allowed the client to track multiple conversion types and product orders in a simple and intuitive way. Making use of multiple concurrent profiles running within the same account, we were able to vastly reduce the effort required to gather analytics data, which had previously required the client to extract data from multiple separate accounts. The net result was immediate availability of data that had previously taken hours or days to compile.

  • Ongoing SEO Campaign

    Our SEO work continued on a monthly basis, with our team working to enhance the performance of the site via a comprehensive on-site and off-site content development and marketing plan. Working closely with the client, we identified upcoming changes to the SEO landscape and advised on how the strategy should evolve.


  • Sales via SEO Rose 60%

    Sales delivered via SEO rose by 60% in the first four months following the site’s launch.

  • Site Visits up 150%

    In the first year, site visits increased by over 150%.

  • Online Sales Rose over 20%

    Only six months in to the life of the new site, online sales had increased by over 20%.

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about this case study, how we can help with SEO for Financial Services or any of the other services we delivered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.