Established over 200 years ago in London by John Letts, Letts Diaries has developed into an incredible international success, capturing 40% of the UK branded diary market and exporting to over 75 countries around the world. The business started in 1796 as a stationery supplier and in 1812 Mr Letts created the world’s first commercial diary, used by traders to record their stock movements and finances.

We were appointed to work on the search engine marketing aspects of a complete overhaul of the company’s international web sites, working in tandem with their chosen developers to solve a number of search-related challenges and help drive growth and success into the future.

The project was of particular note due to the complex nature of Letts’ web portfolio, comprising not only their main UK retail site but a variety of other international and co-branded sites including, and

What We Did

Our team provided a number of highly interdependent services on the project, spanning every stage from start to finish, and then beyond:

  • Site Architecture Planning

    The starting point of our work was a comprehensive and highly search-focused site architecture planning exercise that made use of the historical Analytics data available, our own extensive Keyword Research and a broad competitor review to produce the ideal site structure for and its sister sites. Key to the success of this exercise was sustainability, in order to accommodate the frequent future change in product lines, along with compatibility with Magento, the chosen e-commerce platform.

  • SEO Campaign

    Following on from the site architecture planning, a comprehensive SEO campaign was developed across all of the company’s web sites, again leaning heavily on sustainability to ensure updates to product lines would not interfere with the the optimisation of the site.

  • Google Analytics Set Up & Configuration

    Previously, the client had to source data from a number of different Google Analytics accounts, which due to the time and effort involved, acted as a disincentive to exploring performance data. Our solution was to combine all of the client’s data into a single Google Analytics account containing multiple profiles, one per site. Naturally e-commerce Conversion Tracking was integrated with the reports to provide the client with comprehensive information.

  • Transition Planning

    With a history spanning many years online and with multiple sites to transition, our team carefully created a comprehensive 301 plan that also included a Geo-Targeting element to correctly target country-specific sites to their countries.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    We planned, set up and managed a highly successful Pay Per Click campaign in the run up to Christmas and in early January  that delivered a 600% Return on Investment.

Want to Know More?

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