We were appointed by a client looking to establish a cost-effective, international lead-generation campaign and have provided a full paid search management service since the campaign was launched.


  • Target potential customers in several international regions
  • Build the client’s brand
  • Attract the attention of potential customers early in the buying cycle
  • Convert visitors to enquirers through clear calls to action

What We Did

We worked with the client to develop a series of comprehensive AdWords campaigns targeting each of the three requisite regional areas with specific keywords and messages via both the Search Network and the Display Network. Key to the planning of the campaigns was a focus on strong optimisation, very precise targeting and strong ad creative, all of which was carefully considered and incorporated into the build-out of the account. Placements were carefully selected to ensure relevance and above all, a high likelihood of an enquiry being generated from the click.

Our Achievements

To date both we and the client have been exceptionally pleased with the outcomes of the campaign and the successes we have achieved:

  • The number of enquiries generated has risen significantly
  • The Conversion Rate of the whole account has increased steadily
  • Spend has remained on a downward trend
  • Average Cost per Conversion has decreased enormously over the management period and is well under target

The graph below shows the increasing Number of Conversions in maroon against the decreasing Average Cost Per Conversion in orange in the months since the campaign was launched:

Increasing conversions and decreasing cost per conversion

Sound Interesting?

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