We Have Been Busy

An internet marketing firm will always tell you that if you’re going to start blogging, write regularly and widely. However, in a classic case of cobbler’s children, our blog has been somewhat neglected of late.

The truth is that we’ve been very busy on some very interesting client projects and precious little time has been left for the blog. So, apologies to our regular readers. Unfortunately we can’t talk about the projects we’re working on – they’re strictly confidential – but when the right time does come we’ll be able to explain exactly what we have been up to. Until then, not a word!

Incidentally, we’ve just passed a year in business – the time has flown by. As always, thanks to our clients for their support and business and thanks to our colleagues and partners for their hard work.

Despite the enormous economic turmoil going on all around us, the digital sector (as far as we can see) remains relatively buoyant. We’re finding that the recession is positive for us, in that clients are looking to squeeze as much as they can from their marketing budgets and that those niggly SEO and PPC problems that were overlooked are now being given attention – all the more work for the likes of us.

For what it’s worth, we think the downturn will also be positive for the internet marketing industry as clients become much more selective about how they invest their money and with whom they do so. That will only lead to us all having to up our game, proving that we can and do deliver a return and showing clients exactly where their money is going.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to chip in and get the discussion going.