Upgrading Your Pinterest Page to a Business Page

Following slightly hot on the heels of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, pin-boarding phenomenon Pinterest has just recently launched its very own business accounts. There isn’t a massive amount of benefit at the moment, but no doubt that will change in due course.

Upgrading your account is pretty simple assuming you have FTP details available (or your developers do) for your web site:

  1. Verify your Web Site – click on ‘Edit Profile’ right in the middle of your main Pinterest Profile, then scroll down to the web address field, where you will see an option to verify your site.
  2. Download the HTML Document & Upload it to your server – very straightforward and easy to do – remember the file needs to sit at the root level so Pinterest can access it.
  3. Click the ‘verify’ link – before you know it, your site will be verified.

When you navigate back to your Pinterest page, you’ll see a little red tick next to your web address – that confirms the verification worked.

Where Is This Going?

As I’ve said, the Business accounts aren’t that different to normal accounts, but Pinterest is starting to push a few case studies showcasing the success some others have had. An Etsy seller, for example, claims that her sales have increased since she started using Pinterest, and an interior designer says it’s a very cost-effective way to promote her work. There’s even a case study for PetPlan, showing that Pinterest does have broad appeal, which should grow even broader.