Twitter Flies Ahead of myspace in the UK

I’m a keen reader of the excellent research that Hitwise produce and was very interested to ready today that Twitter has overtaken myspace in the UK to become the (drumroll please) 27th most popular web site in the country, one ahead of News Corporation’s myspace. That means in the last week (23rd to the 29th of August) a staggering 1 in 400 internet visits in the UK were to the microblogging service.

Within the Social Media space, this places Twitter at a very respectable fourth, behind Facebook, YouTube and Bebo. Digging a little deeper into the stats, we see that Twitter experienced usage growth of over 1,600% in the last year against myspace’s comparatively low 5%.

Interestingly, it seems that as so many users access Twitter via their mobile phones and other applications, the real usage level may be higher, but the stats are skewed towards the number of people visiting the site’s home page.

There is a countervailing view on Twitter, with other recent reports “revealing” that around 40% of tweets are ‘pointless babble‘ and a number of other respected outlets claiming that the Twitter fad won’t last. It’s fair to say that 1,600% growth can’t continue for ever, but there is room for a huge amount of expansion in the months and years to come.