Southlands Farm Cottages Web Site Screengrab

Southlands Farm Cottages Web Site Launch

Some exciting news here at Mackerel Towers as the wrapping is taken off the first design and build project we’ve handled since starting up – a new web site for Southlands Farm Cottages.

Charles and Dee McGowan at Southlands Farm have three beautiful self catering Northumberland Cottages available for rental the year round. They began converting the cottages in 2006, welcomed their first guests in 2007 and hopefully will take things from strength to strength in 2009 with the help of the new site.

The challenge they faced was common – accurately portraying the very high standard of their accommodation, without sacrificing the personality that makes them unique and the values that make them admirable. So, our job was to build a site that does showcase the cottages in the right light, captures their unique brand of hospitality and encourages people to come and stay.

In our approach to the project we placed one foot in the aesthetic camp and the other in the business camp – after all, without guests there would be no business.

To that end we’ve developed a site that first and foremost captures the unique green, ‘country life’ that the cottages offer and, secondly, is designed and built to attract a serious volume of enquiries by being both highly attractive to search engines and (as one would expect from an seo company) highly capable of converting visitors into enquiries.

Now that the site is live, we’ll be carrying out a comprehensive search engine optimisation exercise to ensure the site is as visible as can be.

The excellent design work comes courtesy of Andrew Pendrick, with whom this project is a first-time collaboration. I would say only that I hope this is the first of many collaborations between Andrew and Mackerel Media.

The development was carried out by Alan White, of Alan White Web Development. Alan coded the templates, integrated the modX CMS framework and deployed the site to the hosting environment.

You can see the site at