Seasick Steve – Brilliant Integrated Online Marketing

SeasickThe word ‘integrated’ is used a huge amount these days by anyone and everyone in the marketing industry and a lot of the time it doesn’t really mean much at all. However, I saw a superb banner ad for Seasick Steve’s new album this morning and realised firstly how good banners can be and secondly, how good a real integrated campaign can be.

For those of you who have been under a rock (or a rusty ol’ combine) for the past few years, Seasick Steve is a blues guitarist and singer who made his first major public appearance on the Jools Holland show back in 2006. Since then his ‘authentic’ and pared-down music has found favour with a massive audience around the world. I saw him in Hyde Park earlier in the year and was hugely entertained by his sliding, twanging and hollerin’.

Steve’s new album ‘The Man from Another Time’ is out now and is being heavily promoted in the UK across a range of platforms. So far I’ve seen and heard:

  • An few adverts on Spotify
  • An appearance with Bill and Sian on BBC Breakfast
  • A recording of Hard Rock Calling on Sky TV
  • A couple of videos on the Sun’s web site
  • Press Ads in a range of papers and magazines
  • Online Banner Ads

The banner that really caught my eye (below) is currently running on, amongst other places. If you have a chance to play with it you’ll see a short video with Steve talking over a clip of his performance at Hard Rock Calling back in the Summer. Clash also have a video interview with the man himself here.

Ironically, despite all the promotion, I haven’t bought the album.

steve banner