Mackerel Media June 2022 Search & Digital Marketing News Round Up

The end of another month means another host of digital marketing updates and features to recap. This month’s round-up touches on everything from new reporting tools and insights to social media updates – there’s even a mention of the Metaverse in there.

Happy reading!

Google Search Console improves search visibility with updates to item classification 

Starting this month, Google is changing the way it classifies pages, items and issues in Search Console reports. This will not only help webmasters to better identify critical issues affecting visibility in search, but vastly improve the tracking and reporting of key goals and metrics. 



While Google will continue to test and roll out this feature over the remainder of the year, its broad aim is to group top-level items (such as rich level reports and page URLs) into a ‘valid’ or ‘invalid’ category, simplifying the process of identifying and fixing page errors for users of all levels.


Meta introduces monetisation tools for creators 

As the creator economy continues to take off, Meta is launching additional tools and features to further encourage monetisation on its platforms. 

Within a Facebook thread on 21st June, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed the updates will ‘help creators build for the metaverse’, in his bid to encourage widespread adoption of Meta’s digital-first universe. 



These updates will include: 

Facebook Stars

Similar to TikTok’s gifting feature, Facebook Stars will allow eligible creators to earn additional income through Reels and Instagram Lives. Users purchase the stars for a set fee, which they can then award to creators to show appreciation for the content they have created. 



Monetising Reels

Supporting creators to make the most of their content, Meta will extend the reach of its Reels Bonus Play program, allowing more creators to be paid directly through the platform while easily sharing their content from Instagram Reels to Facebook. 

Creator Marketplace

Following TikTok’s lead once again, Meta is also working on developing a new area of the Instagram platform where brands can discover new creators, pay them for their content, and share new partnership opportunities. 

We look forward to seeing how these features are received and adopted by both brands and creators. While it’s clear that almost every other platform out there is after a slice of TikTok’s booming success, it does beg the question whether there’s any merit in setting yourself apart from the rest… 


LinkedIn provides the laughs 

While we are talking all things social media, no June 2022 round-up would be complete without a mention of LinkedIn’s newly-launched ‘laugh’ reaction. As Linkedin’s most highly-requested feature, the reaction graced users’ feeds on 17th June, as a way to “express humour and fun on LinkedIn”.



As LinkedIn continues to evolve into a platform which offers entertainment value to its users – where personal achievements are shared just as widely as professional ones – the new feature definitely holds a place alongside existing reactions, Like, Celebrate, Support, Love, Insightful and Curious. 

Suffice to say, the new reaction was nothing short of well-received.  

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