Google AdWords Enhances Contextual Display Targeting

We’re heavy users of the Google AdWords Display Network here at Mackerel Media, finding it to be a superb route to very high quality business for a few of our clients, so we’re particularly pleased by yesterday’s announcement that the Display Network will now be offering a new way to support contextual targeting.

Our targeting has hitherto been restricted to the use of keywords to build topics around which we’re interested in placing ads. For new users (and for some clients) this takes a little getting used to as the methodology required is somewhat different from the way in which keywords are used on the Search Network, where there is a clearer relationship between the keyword and query.

As of this week we’ll be able to target ads to over 1,750 topics and sub-topics, allowing us to build much more closely refined ad groups that move us more towards our ultimate goal of Right Ad, Right Person, Right Time.

Right, time for some Display Network optimisation…..