FreeAgent – A Client and a Supplier

freeagentlogoWe’re very pleased indeed to announce that FreeAgent, an online accounting application company, has come on board as our latest PPC client. As the title of the post suggests, we are also a client of FreeAgent: we use their brilliant software to manage all our accounts, bills, expenses and financial admin.

With a keen eye on expansion and after having secured funding for growth, FreeAgent appointed us to work on their Pay Per Click campaigns, with the objectives of improving click-through rate, reducing cost-per-click and reducing cost-per-conversion. Our approach involves a variety of tactics, all of which are designed to bring visitors to the site who have a very good chance of becoming a customer. Without giving too much away: so far, the results are looking very positive.

We’ve found their software absolutely invaluable over the past year (if you’re a freelancer, a small trader or a small business, do check it out!) so we’re particularly pleased to be able to help Roan, Ed and Olly achieve more from their advertising and attract more customers. All the best guys and thanks for choosing us!