Google Testing New AdWords Background Colours

We’ve heard that Google have been testing new background colours for AdWords for a little while now and today we were treated to a delightful pink-coloured background, complementing the green, yellow and blue we’ve already seen. Here’s a screenshot:

AdWords Pink BackgroundAlthough they’ve been criticised for it in the past, one of the most fascinating things about Google is that they can and do rely on the data and the facts and in this case it will be interesting to see the outcome of the experiment. There are a whole host of factors at play here and obviously their aim is to maximise the number of clicks on the ads, thereby maximising their revenue. Unfortunately us picky humans are in the way of that and suffer from all sorts of ailments like advert fatigue, varying sensitivity to colour, varying monitor settings and so on.

What do you think of the new colours? Have you noticed? Do you prefer any of them over the others? Let us know in the comments below!