7 Ways to Protect Your Web Site if Your Web Designer Goes Bust

In these uncertain economic times, it pays to make sure you have plans in place to make sure your business continues running in the event of a supplier going out of business. In the case of a web site, it can be a difficult area. If your developer goes out of business you may well find your web site off line – not good news for any organisation. Even worse, you may lose it. But how do you mitigate against the risks? Here are 6 ways you can protect yourself from the worst happening:

1. Know Who Does What

Many web design and development companies will sub-contract work to other groups. They do this to keep costs down and be able to deliver a wider range of services without the associated overheads.
For a client, this represents risk – being fully aware of who does what is essential in being able to plan for a disaster.

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